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Cognac environmental certification, a collective approach with great ambitions
Developed by the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC), the Cognac Environmental Certification & High Environmental Value (HVE) allows the development and recognition of good practices adopted on a farm in terms of reasoning inputs, maintaining biodiversity and protecting the environment. Here is a close-up on this certification which helps to protect the soil.
Environmental certification, a recognition at 3 levels
Represented by public stakeholders, but also by trade unions or non-profits, environmental certification singles out those farms which are committed to approaches that are especially respectful towards the environment. It simultaneously applies to biodiversity, crop protection strategy, fertilisation management and water resource management.  Sources :
The preservation of the Living Soils is one of Moët Hennessy’s major commitments in terms of sustainability. This site is intended to consolidate the numerous existing initiatives around the world on the topic as a way to contribute to the sharing of knowledge and help evolve practices to encourage soil regeneration.