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Tag: forest

Birch, an asset for removing microplastics from soils
Already effective in decontaminating soils polluted by heavy metals and industrial pollutants, the birch tree could also clean up the microplastics they contain. This is the finding of a study by German researchers from the Leibniz Institute and the German Research Centre for Geosciences, published recently in the journal Science of The Total Environment. We…
Biodiversity: why forests play a fundamental role
As a huge reservoir of biodiversity, forests are both a nurturing and protective space for hundreds of plant and animal species. We often tend to associate the notion of biodiversity with a kind of exotic impenetrable jungle that is home to hundreds of different species. In reality, you don't have to go far to see…
forest – World Living Soils Forum
The preservation of the Living Soils is one of Moët Hennessy’s major commitments in terms of sustainability. This site is intended to consolidate the numerous existing initiatives around the world on the topic as a way to contribute to the sharing of knowledge and help evolve practices to encourage soil regeneration.