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Reports of soils protection initiatives and interviews with farmers, winegrowers and experts around the World

Preserving Ivory Coast’s Forests in the Fight Against Cocoa-Driven Deforestation
Join us on an extraordinary expedition as we delve into the captivating world of satellite monitoring, uncovering the remarkable collaboration between Earthworm Foundation (formerly known as The Forest Trust - TFT) and Airbus. In our latest video, "The Cocoa Beneath," we journey to the vibrant landscapes of Ivory Coast, where cutting-edge technology and environmental stewardship…
Restoring ecosystems can only work with the local people involved
Thomas Crowther, a British scientist specialising in ecosystem ecology and the principal scientific adviser to the United Nations' Billion Tree Campaign, gave an edifying TED talk in which he explains that by generating a holistic understanding of Earth’s ecosystems, we transform our ability to understand climate change, and identify the best strategies to address it……
Tropical forest regenerating faster than expected in Côte d’Ivoire
Tropical forests in Côte d'Ivoire are regenerating faster than expected, according to 80 international scientists. The remarkable finding reveals that these forests can restore up to 80% of their soil fertility, structure, and plant diversity within a mere 20-year timeframe, all without any human intervention. This natural restoration process offers a promising pathway for the…
3 questions to Cyril Dion #2
Cyril Dion is a writer, director, poet and committed environmentalist. He directed the successful documentary "Demain" with Mélanie Laurent. His latest film, Animal, evokes the 6th mass extinction of species through the journeys of two teenagers, Bella and Vipulan. The director talks to us about the moments and encounters that have particularly marked him during…
United States: hybrid grapes to combat the effects of global warming
Many American winegrowers have decided to plant hybrid grape varieties that are better able to combat the effects of global warming. Every year, many American winegrowers make the same observation: the climate is not only becoming more unstable but, above all, it is changing. In California, for example, average temperatures are higher, while droughts are…
Focus on the Bee Friendly label
Bees are valuable allies for winegrowers. To encourage closer ties between the beekeeping and farming worlds and help farmers adopt favourable practices, several European beekeeping unions created the Bee Friendly label ten years ago. Explanations.
BEST PRACTICES – World Living Soils Forum
The preservation of the Living Soils is one of Moët Hennessy’s major commitments in terms of sustainability. This site is intended to consolidate the numerous existing initiatives around the world on the topic as a way to contribute to the sharing of knowledge and help evolve practices to encourage soil regeneration.